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Wasatch Mountains, Utah. Photo by Lie Adi Darmawan

A place that started all...

We are an eyewear manufacturer and distributor located in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the last 30 years, we’ve been manufacturing eyewear frames for numerous other brands. As time goes by, fashion and people’s lifestyle has changed drastically, but not so much for the eyewear. You might have noticed that most of them are very similar, the colors and styles now don’t look so different than 30 years ago. We want to fulfill the gap of out of ordinary, and we want to provide those who seek for uniqueness. By combining our knowledge and skills in eyewear making, we’ve decided to create something new.

A mindset for the uniqueness

While introducing our own first line of product, Project Nude® Eyewear back in 2017, we had more ideas on the eyewear design. Instead of colorful collections as Project Nude® Eyewear, we thought about creating something that has not been seen before, unrestrained yet not too over the top. So we turned the concept into real prototypes and began testing the demand of the market. Surprisingly, it was a big success. The shelve was cleared in a month when it was released, and people are still asking for more. We listened to the feedback and improved the models based on them. We gave these collections a new name to identify its uniqueness from all else. That’s how Forsati Eyewear was born.

The pursuit of the art of work

Our definition of craftsmanship is how much passion and dedication a craftsman or woman puts into their work. It is something that can’t be replicated by automatic machines. After an acetate frame has been cut out from the raw acetate sheet, usually its surface would contain lots of trim marks. On average, an acetate frame would go straight into a grind polisher for hours until all surfaces are round and smooth. However, our acetate frames have to go with a different route. In order to keep the sharp angle of shape and edges, the frame has to be carefully polished by hand over a hundred times from the rough cut until all sides are free of marks. This processing time takes about three times more than using the grind polisher. It truly tests the skills and endurance of a craftsman, which can only be done by who's experienced polishing over twenty years. This is our commitment to quality work.

Beta-Titanium Engineering: Alien Hinge™

Beta-Titanium is known for its high strength, elasticity, and lightweight, however, it is also known for its lack of ability when it comes to precise adjustment. Precise adjustment is key for comfort and stability when the temples are perfectly aligned with its user’s facial structure. By understanding the mechanisms, we turned the flat beta-titanium sheet into a spring-like design. This new design not only shortens the hinge, but at the same time maintaining all the amazing characteristics of the beta-titanium, and also allows the acetate end piece to be extended for much more adjustments. We named this design “alien hinge” from its bizarre look.

The home we need to protect

Earth is our homeland where all of us depends on it. While it provides us with the resources to survive, it is our duty to protect it and treat it like ourselves. Forsati Eyewear emphasized on using environmental safe production and recyclable parts on all of the frames. 

PVD Plating

Forsati Eyewear uses PVD on all of its metal components. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a coating technology where a solid material is vaporized into the molecular level and deposited on a pure material or alloy. It is the technology of choice for aerospace, surgical and medical implant industry, due to its ability to produce extremely durable, corrosion resistance, and clean coatings. PVD is also ideal for humidity heavy environment and excellent against sweats. Unlike traditional electroplating, PVD produces no hazardous waste to the planet and inhabitants.

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